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About Us

Who we are.

EnviroGreen Processing is an recycling company with no tolerance for wastefulness or irresponsibility. Through techniques that have taken years to develop, we have created a way to turn end-of-life, scrap and equipment into the materials from which great things are made.

What we do.

We consider ourselves to be great problem solvers. Most clients of ours have similar problems that almost always fall into the category of having out-of-use electronic equipment or mountains of "stuff", usually in warehouses nationwide and sometimes in offices, closets and desk drawers. We recycle every types of materials, including all types of plastic, metal, styrofoam, and electronics.

Why we do it.

Because we can and because we want to, but most importantly, because it has to be done. We recognized a growing problem, wanted to be part of the solution and developed a company around this desire.

People could build actual mountains or skyscrapers (granted, they'd be pretty weird-looking) out of the recyclables that are currently hitting our waste streams and we're confident that no one wants to see a "scrap-scraper" anytime soon. Aesthetics aside, the issue is really that most pieces of recyclable materials can be damaging to life and the environment. It is this reason that has motivated many decision-makers to attempt to prevent this material from being handled in such a way that could lead to negative consequences for people and the planet.

We do what we do for our customers, whomever they may be, so that they have a partner that they can depend on to solve their recycling problems.

Core Values

• Make recycling affordable.
• Eco-friendly is not synonymous with expensive.
• Protect the Environment.
• Respect that the environment in our backyard is shared with our global neighbors.
• Challenge the status quo.
• Today's best will be bested tomorrow, therefore we never stop innovating.
• Take what you need and give back what you can.
• We are enthusiastic supporters of charity and change in our local and global communities.
• Never quit.
• We believe in the relentless pursuit of better recycling and better living.


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